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Understory Vegetation Responses to Rapid Canopy Loss

The goal of this project is to understand the influence of rapid canopy loss on the understory vegetation of woodlands in the Great Lakes region.

Dark Diversity in Ecological Restoration

Many species have proven difficult to re-establish in restoration sites, often due to their intrinsic biology and a host of biotic and abiotic factors. The objective of this synthesis is to support restoration scientists and practitioners who encounter challenges in establishing target species by outlining possible factors that can affect success at three key stages: seed germination, plant establishment, and population persistence.

Phenological Responses to Climate Change

The goal of this project is to review the evidence that climate change affects populations by shifting the timing of species life cycle events (phenology) and to synthesize this information in the context of demographic life history theory.

Range-wide Demographic Analysis of Pitcher’s Thistle

This project is determining the range-wide status of the federally listed threatened plant, Cirsium pitcheri, explicitly incorporating threat assessment. By synthesizing range-wide population monitoring data for Cirsium pitcheri that has been collected over the last 35 years by a variety of researchers, we will identify management actions that are critical for species recovery.

Interested in Proposing a Future Project?

In 2022 we will begin accepting proposals for new synthesis projects. Projects will work with a rotating 2-year sCORE post-doctoral researcher who will support funded projects. The number of projects funded, and at what level, will vary by year.

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