Integrating Trait Seedling Data Into Restoration Efforts

  1. Plant functional trait-based approaches

    Plant functional trait-based approaches show great promise for improving restoration outcomes because they relate species function to establishment and performance in specific environmental conditions. Seedling emergence and establishment often shape the trajectory of restoration outcomes, yet early traits reflecting functional variation at these stages are understudied, less accessible (via databases), and have not been synthesized for many priority species.

  2. Project aims

    With this project we aim to open new pathways for restoration research and success at the national level by:

    1. developing a database of seedling functional traits for taxa within the US (Early Plant Information Combined database, EPiC), and 

    2. synthesizing areas of alignment and mismatch between the EPiC database and restoration needs within the US 

      1. The EPIC database will be created and shared inclusively, to serve as a foundation for ongoing synthesis and collaboration, spurring the transition from seedling trait-based science to practice in ecological restoration.

Project Collaborators

Dr. Alicia Foxx, Dr. Carrie Havrilla, Dr. Daniel Winkler, Dr. Magda Garbowski, Dr. Julie Larson, Leah Lenzo, Dr. Mandy Slate, Dr. Marina LaForgia, Amelia Renner, Dr. Nia Johnson, Tayah Carlisle, Dr. Sarah Barga

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